Gaston Gardey

Born and Raised in Northern California.

my story

“My passion is creating and sharing a moment”

Ever since I was a little kid whether it would be in the car or outside playing a sport with my friends and family, I used to always imagine my self in the middle of a music video or a movie trailer. I loved music that moved me and I would always create my own visual in my head that went with the beat of anything I listen to. I've always loved play sports, travel, and make the most of everyday.

Growing up in Northern California, I've appreciated living close to the Sierra Nevadas and a ton of cool waterfalls, lakes and rivers. My girlfriend, friends and family love taking on adventures with me all throughout California and trips around the globe. I've been to over 9 different countries and been to Central and South America multiple times. From my experiences traveling I learn something about my self and the culture of others that I can only learn through experience with people and moments.

I've always had an interest in videos and camcorders. I picked up my first camcorder around 6th grade and didn't start having a ton of fun with it until I got my GoPro around junior year in High school. I love capturing the experiences I live through and then putting it together with a song that I enjoy. Every time I pick up the camera I don't know what to expect but I create what comes to mind. I love the feeling it gives me to be able to create the visual in my head come to life . I get so stoked to film different adventures and show my family and friends.

Now in 2017, I know that I want to take this passion to the next chapter. Naturebacks has inspired me and helped me a lot in the recent months and I couldn't be more grateful for what they represent and the hard work they have put into me and others. Storytelling through film is what I love to do and I couldn't see my self doing anything else.


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