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The Falls

Located in  Northern California

”On Tuesday, Kerstin and I didn’t wake up until around 11:30am so we had a pretty late start to our morning. The original plan was to head to Tahoe for the day to check out Emerald Bay and hike, but we weren’t goning to leave the house until around 2pm.

After eating breakfast we started watching a movie. By the time we finished, it was already 3:30 so we decided not to go to Tahoe and save it for another day. At around 4:30 we finally decided to go to Lake Clemente where there are these huge falls by the dam. It’s only about 25 minutes down my road so we just went for it. We wanted to check out a new spot to hike about 5 miles from underneath the Forest Hill bridge which took us along the beautiful river.

The trail was a steady incline but it wasn’t too bad since we were able to dip into the water which was refreshing. The Falls were at the end of the hike and were definitely worth it. You could hear them as you were walking a half a mile out.

After the hike, I filmed a little bit of the drive back on the road I live on. We got out and just filmed casual walking so I could capture the sun going down and how pretty the landscape was. All in all the hike went from around 4:30 to 8pm and I was pretty content with the film I got on such a late notice without having to travel far or put up much effort."

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Gaston Gardey

20 Years Old. Filmer. Northern California

“Everyone deserves good health and happiness.My goal is to help people achieve both.”

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