September 2022


When you go outside to watch a sunset, walk along a trail, or take a deep breath, it's good to take time and slow down to the natural rhythms around you. There is so much moving around you constantly that can overwhelm the mind. Take a breath and take some time to be in a place that inspires inner peace.

I like to notice the pace at which everything is moving when I am needing to slow myself down. How is the river flowing? What does the wind feel like? Can I hear the leaves? I ask myself questions like how many colors do I see? Which one soothes me? I settle into my present space by observing what is around me.

Once I've settled in, I like to take a few moments to close my eyes and listen to the noises and energies around me. I will take a deep breath and feel my stomach expand with fresh air then let it go and feel my shoulders fall down my back into their natural rest.

When I open my eyes I feel connected to the space that is around me. I feel part of everything and everything is a part of me. It's a good feeling. I always say a little "thank you" when I get to that feeling -- because it is so good to give gratitude for these easy moments.

It takes a little practice, but taking time to observe and breathe truly helps me find ease in moments of stillness.


Emerge (Natural)

Emerge (Natural)

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