February 22, 2024

"When I found Nature Backs"

Story by Erin @sparkturnflame
Photos by Noah @snapshawt

Erin has been supporting Nature Backs for years. She finally took the next step by becoming a rep in 2020. This connected her to our community that's been created from this love for adventure, being in the moment, and learning about the light within ourselves and each other.

We asked Erin to open up and share her story in an honest, raw way and invite you to take a few minutes to read about her experience with Nature Backs.

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A little About Erin

Erin found Nature Backs while scrolling through Instagram during one of the hardest moments in her life. Seeing the designs and reading the captions on social media posts inspired her to get outside, connect with nature, and let healing begin.

This is her story.

I found Nature Backs in 2018. It was right after a really, really difficult breakup with a guy that, you know, sold me a story, but never intended to write the book. I was scrolling on Instagram and came across a navy blue Lotus design shirt. That shirt stood out to me. So I was like, oh, what's this? What's Nature Backs?

I started going through and kind of looking at what the captions were on social media, which really drew me in, not just the clothing. I went to their website and just learned more about them. And it really just kind of gripped me and at that time, I was trying to get out into nature.

I was so scared of doing things on my own.

I had been in that relationship for 9 years. And it just wasn't good. It was really hard for me to say yes to myself because I felt like I didn't know who I was because I didn't. I had literally lost my entire identity because I allowed myself to be absorbed by someone else as I fell in love. I didn't even really want to be here anymore. Realizing this actually set me off on a journey. To self love. To letting go. I found Nature Backs right around the same time.

The more shirts that I bought, the more adventures I wanted to go on because I wanted to share it with the community.

I started doing local adventures. Mount Tamalpais. With these sweeping views of the ocean. Beautiful redwoods and rolling hills. Point Reyes which has incredible beach scenes and trees. It's not just a seashore. I really started adventuring in those places and then I just started going everywhere else in California because I am not able or I wasn't able to go and travel really anywhere else. I just don't have that ability to do so. And I just kept on going. And the more I kept on going, the more I realized how much I loved being in nature and how I loved how I felt to being in nature.

what does Nature Backs really mean to me? It's being who you are. In the most natural of places, which is nature. Just be you in nature. To connect to nature.

I became a Nature Backs Rep in June 2020 and that introduction to those reps is where I found some of my closest friends, like Noah, that has now traveled to California two times in two years to go on the most epic California adventures. To meeting up with Morgan and Bo, Aaron, Lucas, Angela, Jose, and everyone that was in Alabama Hills for that meet up.

Getting to meet up together in Alabama Hills was something I dreamed about. I had remembered going there so many times wanting to just have this community of people come to this place to see how special it is.

Because when special people get together in special places, magic happens.

That's what Nature Backs is to me. Nature Backs is magic to me. Nature Backs is not a clothing company. It is a connection company. It's a way to connect you to yourself, to the source if you believe in the Divine, connect you to nature, to Gaia, whichever it is Nature Backs will help you find your people.

Nature Backs has become a home to me. The people are home to me. Their hearts are home to me.

So really, in my heart, Nature Backs is there. I will always support Nature Backs because they always have supported me. When I couldn't see my light, they would remind me. That it's shining and that they could see it and to keep on doing what I'm doing and just being who I am as authentically as I am.

I wouldn't have been able to find myself fully if it wasn't for finding the right people that could see me when I couldn't see myself.

That happened for me because of Nature Backs. Because of a t-shirt I saw while scrolling on Instagram when I was at my lowest. I found cool t-shirts and an amazing company that cares. and a community that sets my heart on fire and expands my soul.

I'm going to say it until I can't say it any more. Nature Backs is more than the clothing company. But you just have to kind of step into what they are. To know more about who they are. On the surface, they're clothes. But underneath, it's all about connection and magic.

We are incredibly thankful to know Erin and share her light with this incredible community. She is constantly getting outside to find experiences that fill her soul.

Follow Erin at @sparkturnflame for real life moments, adventure inspiration, and honest energy.

"I will always support Nature Backs because they always have supported me. When I couldn't see my light, they would remind me."

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