February 18, 2024

Inspired by Music Travel Love

Music has such a magical way of bringing people together to explore the wave of human emotions that we all experience.

We've been watching Bob and Clint share music in beautiful locations with Music Travel Love for years. That's why we decided to create designs in collaboration with them and all that they inspire.

Check out this Q&A with Music, Travel, Love and learn more about why they do what they do.

In 2018, the Bob and Clint released a series of traveling music videos, which they titled “Music Travel Love”. 

Combining their love for music, travel and family, the duo would pack up their gear in a few small backpacks, and head across the world in search of the most beautiful destinations where they would film videos featuring nostalgic cover songs and their own originals.

What Inspired Music Travel Love?

We have been making music for nearly 30 years now and have 4 record deals. About 5 years ago we finished up a new EP and we’re getting ready to shop it to labels. We both kind of realized at that point that there are other things in life more important than trying to get a record deal so we asked ourselves. You know what are the three most important things in our lives, what are the things we wanna wake up and do for the rest of our lives, the three things from music traveling and spending time with our family meeting our fans, so that kind of has the love component to it. So, we just started putting music out as Music, Travel, Love.

Where is a place you've traveled that you'll never forget?

Wow, there are so many amazing places. I think our very first trip we did was pretty magical where we visited places like Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. We also made a trip to Hawaii with a family that was pretty epic.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an artist, creator, or musician?

Work hard and take your career into your own hands. When you can learn how to record, how to edit your videos, and how to run your social media platforms, you have an opportunity to succeed on your own. 

When traveling, what about the spaces you enter into inspires you musically?

I think for us, the one thing we’ve learned is that music and nature really go hand-in-hand. Combining the two really allows people to hear the music and listen to words in a different way.

What’s something you’ve learned while traveling you’d want everyone to know? 

We’ve learned that the world is a big place with a lot of different cultures.  Visiting different cultures and spending time with different people from around the world, has opened our eyes up to how wonderful humanity really truly is and how music has the ultimate power of bringing people together.

Check out Music Travel Love on YouTube for their latest music videos!

"Music has the ultimate power of bringing people together."

-Music Travel Love

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