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We Give Back To Our Creators...The Ones Who Inspire Us All

Content Creators are the ones who inspire us all. The people who can send chills down our back, bring us to tears, and/or make us want to drop everything and go on a road trip all in a 60 second Instagram Video. The ones who take the pictures that seem to have colors we’ve never seen, places that seemed unimaginable, and simply blow our mind. These are the people push us along. The ones who give us ideas. The ones who show us our passion, light our fire, and inspire us to Adventure.

We see the importance of all of these extremely talented artists who constantly inspire us. We've always searched for unique ways to engage, collaborate, and promote them. Because promoting them means more people will see their work. More people will be inspired. More people will be Adventurous. Which is why we are now donating 50% of all profits from our Logo Threads to these Creators so they can further their work, further inspire, and do what they love. We let you pick the Creator you wish to donate the profits to upon checkout, and if you don't see one you want, leave us a comment at checkout and we will reach out!At the end of every month, we take the amount of funds they've accumulated and send it over to them. Whatever it may be, ANYTHING helps. It pays for gas, it could be the last little bit they need for a new camera, or it could be what pays the fine they got for climbing an off limits building....don't worry they got they shot! The whole premise is to further promote these Creators, and have them be able to make more content.

In all reality, we've become some of the biggest fans of these Creators. They've been a backbone of our Brand since the beginning. We've always found it unbelievable that these amazingly talented artist don't seem to get enough promotion for their work, they don't have a direct outlet, or a Brand that truly represents and gives back to them. We see them work their asses off to make it to their next Adventure, craft masterpieces, and then have their work get stolen and used without credit by massive companies that could care less. So, here we are, a small company of two dudes doing our best to give them some love. Because they truly deserve it.

So, hop back over to the shop page, find yourself the Logo Thread that's just right for you, and give back to a content creator today. Just know, that next time you see a video pop up on your timeline from them, you helped make that happen. Thank you!

Adventure Awaits,

Matt and Bo

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