It’s Been Real 2021. We’re Onto Brighter, More Sustainable Adventures

Looking Back on 2021

“listen to the rhythms of life. feel when to slow down, trust the yearning of your light, and discover the magic of what we all share.”

Nature Backs Family,

What a year it has been. Throughout 2021, we’ve watched as strangers came together to share their experiences and become close friends. We’ve seen people take chances and step outside their comfort zone to experience the moment, some even rediscovering themselves through Nature. We’ve seen an entire community grow stronger than ever before.

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We had a lot to overcome, but the beauty of challenges is getting to work together to solve them. From global supply chain issues, industry-wide marketing changes, turning to a predominately virtual work environment, and the continued uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.

Despite these hurdles, we prevailed with the love and support of you all. These circumstances allowed us to connect closer to the things that matter most - You and Nature.

Be Here Now. Experience the Moment. Find Your Flow. Share the Experience. These core values guide us everyday at Nature Backs. As a brand, we believe our impact is far greater than just through our clothing. We are a community for most, a family for many, and a source of inspiration for all who choose to venture out into Nature.

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When you share your experience by tagging us in your adventures on social media, you are inspiring a community so much bigger than you could imagine. You are encouraging someone that they do belong - that our Earth and Nature is home to all.

We also had the opportunity to work more with our creators this past year, releasing multiple videos and making content that inspires.

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We are dedicated to further becoming a more sustainable and earth-friendly company. This mission is something dear to our hearts. We want to ensure that everything we do honors the Earth and instills a connection with the wonder that we all love so dearly, Nature. Making sure that the products we create are manufactured in ways that are conscious of the environments we seek to experience is just one step - although a mighty one.

Over the last few months, we’ve begun transitioning to 100% organic cotton t-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies. We call these our Sustainable Threads. Grown with no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides, these threads are non-GMO, non-toxic, and use 88% less water while consuming 62% less energy when compared to conventional cotton.

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We’ve come a long way, and we’re still growing. It may sound cliche, but we intend to change the world. We see how this community creates change - how we have already changed the world in so many ways. How do we continue to do that? How can we create a world that honors Earth? One that accepts, loves, and welcomes all for the light they have within?

Together we have something special. A community that shares a common admiration for Nature and acts with that understanding throughout their lives can, and does, change the world. We’re so glad we get to experience this journey together. With You, our family.