Meet the artist


Chelsea Skye is a full time artist and poet residing in Western Canada.

Chelsea is the designer behind our latest limited release, Awaken. We loved getting to collaborate and share Lunarlilt art.

"Ever since I can remember I have felt a deep and unfathomable reverance for the beauty of this existence." — Lunarlilt

This is the first time that we've collaborated with Lunarlilt on a design and we couldn't be more excited to bring it to this community. Find out what inspires Chelsea to create and the mystical beauty that is at the center of Lunarlilt with this Q&A.


I am deeply inspired by nature, the cosmos and the ever-enchanting mystery of our existence. I create art as a way to express emotions and interact with the world. 


My fiancé has always been my biggest supporter. He is the one who has believed in me every step of the way and I may not have had the courage to pursue art if it wasn't for him. Also many musical artists and poets have inspired my art. Too many to list but the first one that comes to mind is Lord Huron!

Where is a place in nature that you like to explore?

I have a vintage dodge camper and my favorite thing to do is go on long roadtrips and explore all of the different landscapes. Being from western Canada, I have a huge soft spot for mountains, pine trees and hot springs! 

What colors and mediums do you like to work with?

I work with many mediums. Currently I am focusing on predominantly digital art and acrylics. I love working with earthy tones and adding in color pops and rainbows!

What inspired the new design, Awaken?

I was inspired by the majestic Rocky Mountains and that magical feeling when the sun peeks over them.

How does this design fit with nature backs?

I think nature backs is super groovy and earthy so I wanted to make a design to match that feel!

We're so thankful to collaborate with Chelsea on this design. Check out more @lunarlilt art and grab one of these limited release designs before they're all gone!