Meet the Artist

Pine Bones

Holls Walck creates folk art in the remote backcountry. Inspired by wilderness, magick, the cyclical, ecology & the places in between, Holls makes art that reaches the depths of your soul.

Holls is the designer behind our latest limited release, Wild. We loved getting to collaborate on this one with them and bring the spirit of the black bear to this community.

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The Wild Design

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About Pine Bones

We knew we wanted to work with Pine Bones for this design because of their love for what is wild, magical, and within the sacred flow.

Pine Bones creates art inspired by their experiences camping and exploring in a style that reminds you of ancient drawings illuminated by firelight. The Wild captures that essence with its vibrant lines and pure energy exchange between the bear and its cub.

Check this Q&A to see what inspires the art.


One of my favorite things about this piece is that it works for black bear awareness overall, not just Tahoe bears. Especially since bears deal with more and more habitat loss and displacement each year.


The remote wilderness, wildlife, plants, and animals.

What colors and/or mediums do you like to work with?

My colors for the most part are inspired by the southwest high deserts and the red rock canyons of Moab. I recently begun working with risograph printing which has very limited ink colors, more of my recent work has been inspired by the ink colors I have available to print with.

Who is someone that has influenced your art or been a part of inspiring your art?

The amazing art community in Moab has been a big source of inspiration and support for me as a creator. I don't think I'd be where I am as an artist if it wasn't for the other amazing creators out there.

Where is a place in nature that you like to explore and be?

The high desert/Colorado plateau is one of my favorites. It's such a magical place filled with amazing and unique desert wilderness.

How does the Wild design fit with Nature Backs?

I feel that this piece captures the vibe well. Not only does it embody the beauty that is wild spaces but it highlights key wildlife within the area. Super stoked that this design will be used to bring awareness to the plight of the Lake Tahoe black bears.

We are truly honored to collaborate with Pine Bones on this design. The Wild reminds us of the sacred wildlife that lives in the beautiful landscapes that we like to explore and experience. Being mindful of our actions in these spaces will protect and allow wildlife to life as naturally as it can.