Meet the artist

Kinsey H. Designs

Kinsey is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, specializing in logos, branding, custom illustration, apparel, label, packaging design and more.

Kinsey is the designer behind some of our newest releases, Saguaro and Haven. Both designs are part of our latest Desert Collection that is inspired by those spaces full of sand and sunshine.

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We have loved working with Kinsey H. Designs to bring the desert to life with these simple, beautiful designs that remind us about all the beauty that is where there is sand and sunshine.

Learn more about Kinsey and what inspired these designs in this Q&A.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO BE AN ARTIST? What mediums and colors do you like to work with?

Nature and adventuring! I have a lot of love for the desert and of course the mountains and ocean as well. Being able to live out of a backpack, van and abroad, adventuring for the past 5 years has given me a ton of inspiration, and in turn I hope that my artwork inspires others to get outside and adventure!

I work with primarily minimalist digital art and illustration, with really neutral, organic and earthy colors. My personal favorite is a rusty red/orange that can be found in almost all of my work.


A lot of people and other artists have been huge influences, but I'd mostly say my sister. She's a really good artist and I've always admired her style. I've always looked up to her for so many reasons, and she's always been my biggest fan, and pushing me to try new things and keep making art, even when it looks like crap :)

Where is a place in nature that you like to explore?

The desert! So much wide open spaces, and room to roam, plus cacti are hands down the coolest plants out there! My favorite place in the world, second to that is the mountains. I hike and fly fish a lot, so getting out and summiting a mountain is something that brings me a ton of joy.

What do you like most about the Saguaro and Haven designs? What inspired you?

I love these designs since they are based purely on nature, the different scenes of the mountains, desert landscape, and shining sun give me a really heartwarming feeling, and the urge to get outside and go explore.

How do you feel these designs embody the vibe of Nature Backs?

I think these designs bring the feeling of adventuring and exploring into a piece of art. There's a bit of me in there with my style, but encapsulate the style and vibe that Nature Backs products give. The vibe to get outside!

We're so thankful to collaborate with Kinsey on these desert designs. Check out more of the art she creates at @kinsey.h.designs.