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August 6, 2023

The sunrise Shirt

This yellow shirt has inspired countless adventures over the years. In the beginning it was set aside waiting for its moment to come into the light. Now the Sunrise has become one of our favorites throughout time. Bo shares the story about how the Sunrise shirt came to be and what it means to us and this community.

When It was getting started

The Cliff design was the first shirt that Nature Backs ever printed in 2016. When it was sampled, Matt had multiple colors printed like navy, black, orange, green, white, sky blue, chalky mint, purple, grey, and yellow. We liked how it printed on some of the colors, yellow was not one of them. It was decided that the color was too bright, and people wouldn’t want to wear something like that too often. The yellow shirt was put away as we moved forward.

We went on a trip around the country, working along the way, releasing other shirts, building a community, and all the while exploring the beauty that can only be found on the open road. We saw Glacier NP, explored Yellowstone, and camped in the Grand Tetons. We spent two weeks in Chicago visiting friends and family. Found the Land Between the Lakes. Swam in the cold waters of Lake Tahoe. A quick plunge and then got the hell out. We were asked politely to leave multiple times where we were sleeping. We drove into countless sunsets, slept in parking lots, hiked unforgettable trails, and stargazed at night.

2 Guys in front of beautiful rocks

After the Road Trip

When we got back to Fayetteville, we had the support we needed to dig our feet in and keep building. Aly would wear the yellow shirt and remind us about an adventure we took to Sam’s Throne in Arkansas. A beautiful, lush fog surrounded us that day after a summer rain. It was months later when we saw a picture of Aly wearing the yellow shirt in that moment and decided to get it printed and share it with our community calling it The Sunrise. A reminder of the light shining in the morning. Brightness that always comes. The earth turning.

Next step was to go on a sunrise adventure with Josh who was going to help us with a photoshoot. We decided to go to Devil’s Den State Park to Yellow Rock Overlook to see the sunrise. We got up with the stars still above us, hiked a little over a mile, and waited for the sun to rise beyond the bluffs on the horizon. We were surrounded by lush green standing above Lee Creek feeling the bright energy of the morning. Josh took pictures of the moment stopping time in a way that could forever be accessed by our memories.

Fun photo of friends in front of mountain view

We realized from this experience that the yellow shirt was a way to honor a sunrise. A way to remember the hours of darkness that come before the dawn. That time when everything awakens. Light fills your perspective revealing the vibrance that is before you. To feel that harmony is to be in bliss. Gone are the worries of waking up and getting to your destination. Here is the present moment.

We started to share pictures from that adventure and the Sunrise shirt was truly embraced by our community. We began receiving countless photos of people wearing the shirt in places all around the country. It was a way for people to express their light shining within just as the sun when it is rising.

These Days

Throughout the years, the Sunrise shirt has been a constant reminder that we do not always know what we think we know. Sometimes it takes a little patience. A little sitting. A little waiting. A little time for the sun to come up and fill your heart with love.

We have endless gratitude for our family, friends, and community who are part of this journey. Every day we see those who have been here from the beginning and those who might be finding us for the first time. The joy that we receive being part of your adventures, your inspiration, and your creations is everything to us.

This Sunrise shirt is a true testament to all the wonder that can come when you step outside and share a moment together – be it a sunrise, a sunset, a walk in the park, camping out, a road trip, or sleeping under the stars. These experiences bring us closer to the light we all share and we are so thankful to share them with you.

Much love and happiness to all,


embrace the sunrise