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Desert Energy

By: Matt Hofmann @hofmann_matt

We like going to the desert to find adventure, or rather to see how desert adventures find us. Our team and our community has taken trips to the Great Sand Dunes, Big Bend, White Sands, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Death Valley, and many more desert spaces. It is all of these adventures that inspire the new collection so that we may share the energy that we find when we're out there.

The desert reminds you to turn inward while simultaneously pulling you exactly to the present space around you. There's no one better to describe this feeling than Matt Hofmann, so we asked him to give us a few lines about the desert and how it moves his soul.

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Group Of People Walking Through The Desert

Do not simply move through the desert, move with the desert. Feel the change of pace around you.

From the flowing rock formations to the cacti dancing far off into the horizon, a beauty only understood by that who stands before her with open eyes.

Yet with closed eyes, another story is being told. The warmth of the sun pressing against your face invites you to slip out of your shoes and feel the Earth beneath you. The sand between your toes and the pulse of the ground below. A constant reminder that life prevails even in the harshest environments.

In a place scarce of water and vegetation, notice the life around you. The resiliency of the desert ecosystem that found a way to prevail, then look inward. You are but one person, yet you too are here finding your way.

The desert has a way of pushing us back in time. With cell phone service left behind, you attain uninterrupted tranquility. A rare chance to sit in the present moment you are witnessing.

It’s a place judgment has not found its way to, or at least has better things to do. A timid musician is welcomed with open arms to play above the whispering wind. A song often left unsung walks into the light of day, welcomed by those gathered to hear. 

Then as the sun sets and the moon makes its grand entrance, you’re welcomed into an entirely new world. The moon paints the desert with its light as if it’s trying to show you something. Perhaps a new perspective, or a reminder that even the dark has light. The path you discover is only for you and the desert to know. 

When I return back to normal life, I often find myself yearning for the feelings felt in the desert, but understanding that’s what makes it so special. So when you get the chance, do not simply move through the desert. Let the desert move through you and listen to all the wonder it has to tell.

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