Meet the artist

Fried Cactus Studio

Aron is the founder behind Fried Cactus Studio. Aron an artist and illustrator, who can usually be found thinking up new ways to clear his mind over a cup of coffee and has yet to realize the irony in that.

Influenced by people, objects and culture, he finds ways to capture familiar moments that resonate and bring a smile to your face. Aaron is the artist behind one of our newest designs, Sierra, which is featured in the new Mountain Collection.

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About the Sierra

The Sierra design by Fried Cactus Studio reminds us of many early mornings waiting for the sun to rise beyond the mountains in the distance. Aron's designs always carry a whimsical, imaginative feeling to them and we love how this one turned out.

Learn more about Aron and what inspired these designs by Fried Cactus Studio.


I’ve always used my own experiences to draw inspiration from. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty incredible places and had some great times along the way.

That sort of all infused with my love of story telling through illustration. I really enjoy uncovering all sorts of details and stories about who I’m working with, run that through my own head to find new ways to communicate it ideas, thoughts, experiences or emotions. Working with a wide variety of clients keeps it fresh and interesting.

I just love what I do and feel very fortunate to be able to do it for a living.

What colors and/or mediums do you like to work with?

I’m a big fan of minimal colour but I’m learning to use colour more and get out of my comfort zone. Generally I prefer muted colours, sometimes with a pop colour in there.

I work with iPad and just a pencil brush on there before transferring the artwork over to Adobe Illustrator where I vectorise everything I create. Pretty simple.

Where is a place in nature that you like to explore?

Walking through the forest with my family.

I’d pick that every time.

What do you like most the Sierra Design?

I’m really happy with the colour we landed on and I’m also pretty stoked with the hidden elements. I like the view to not see everything at first glance.

I got a really good vibe from Nature Backs and I liked how they wanted to capture a moment as apposed to the stereotypical outdoors illustration. They were keen for their audience to see themselves in the work.

So I thought about what experiences I’ve had walking in the outdoors and there is always a point where you stop and take it all in. So I went with that!

Who has inspired or influenced your art?

In the early days I was heavily influenced by illustrators like Ed Templeton, Jon Contino, Geoff Mcfetridge and Michael Seiben. They were creating artwork in the surf, skate, bmx scenes that I was a part of.

They all have their unique way of making art which I really admired for so many different reasons.

I’ve definitely moved away from some of that stuff and I feel like I’m very slowly finding my own way as new mediums and artist continue to influence me.

We've loved getting to work with Aron and see what inspires him about the mountains. Follow along at to see what new doodles are inspired by endless cups of coffee.