April 26, 2024

The Hip Abduction Brings Daydreams and Reverie

If you're looking for music that will take you away to an island, drifting under the stars, and keeping warm by a fire with family and friends, you'll love the vibe The Hip Abduction is bringing with their new music on spring tour.

We loved getting to collaborate with The Hip Abduction and the artist Dylan Fant to create the Sun Mountain design just in time for tour.

Take a look at the new shirt and read along for more about the inspiration behind The Hip Abduction.

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Dream or Reality?

Go for a drive with the windows down, music playing, and get lost in a daydream of where you've been or where you're going.

With a blend of blends reggae, rock, and pop influences, this is the feeling The Hip Abduction leaves you with every time you hear them.

The Hip Abduction brings the sound of every beautiful moment catching a sunset, being among the mountains, or listening to the ocean. Their music is an ode to the road trip, to the traveler, and to all that is divine.

Check out their upcoming tour dates and catch them near you.

We got to talk with David New, lead singer of The Hip Abduction and find out more about what's inspired the band and the music behind it.

Growing up in Georgia, Florida and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, David fostered a deep appreciation for nature and music. All types of music from bluegrass, classic, rock, soul, and reggae moved and inspired him into his teenage years.

"I always gravitated towards folks who spent time outdoors, gardening, hiking, and playing music. I was definitely lucky enough to grow up in communities that valued musical diversity."

As David started getting his 20s, he became obsessed with traveling and adventure films. This connected him to more diverse cultures and music from all around the world. Listening to music from Mali, Zimbabwe, and South Africa brought so much influence and motivation, he explains.

Nature is at the center for a lot of David's travels and experiences. He lives in Colorado with his wife, frequently exploring the backcountry and finding himself in questionable outdoor situations. He loves surfing and will spend all day riding the waves and soaking in sunshine.

"I recently spent some time in Indonesia on my honeymoon. We surfed the whole time and felt like we were living in a surf film. It was one of our best trips of all time. Amazing people, food, and mind blowing nature."

You can feel this sentiment at the center of The Hip Abduction's latest singles that we've been listening to.

"That You Are" with Bobby Alu is the newest release reminding us to embrace the moment and shine in the divine energy that is always in you. Songs like "An Island Still Remains" and "Some Say the Ocean" take us to those places that are a million miles away from everything. To paradise, to healing, to greater understanding and simple joys.

David's current favorite, and ours too, is "Mt. Olympus". A song that brings us instantly to every road trip we've ever taken. Through the mountains and to the ocean, chasing the adventures that call to us knowing that we will live forever in the times that we're in right now.

The ocean is so present and alive in these songs, it takes us immediately to a place of endless waves and time. A place of serenity, rebirth, and dreams coming true. Walking in sacred energy on a path that is ours to create with every step.

We're stoked to collab with The Hip Abduction just in time for their 2024 Spring Tour.

We worked with artist Dylan Fant on a design that reminds us of the mountains we will climb to and all the beauty along the way. Embrace the good vibes and energy that comes with the burst of spring on this new design, Sun Mountain.

Catch The Hip Abduction on their 2024 Tour or listen to their music on Spotify or YouTube. It's a perfect vibe to listen on any road trip, after a long hike, or driving into the night to catch a sunrise.

"Our campfire tells stories in between"

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